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<p>THE SPIRIT OF BISHOP GODFREY MARY PAUL OKOYE URGES THE DAUGHTERS IN THE MEDICAL PROFESSION TO ASSIST THE PATIENTS OF COVID-19 WITH LOVE WITHOUT FEAR OF BEING INFECTED:</p> <p>The Daughters in UK are Frontliners in the fight against COVID - 19. They worked with great determination and courage to fight the unseen enemy. Their presence gave hope and healing to patients in the various hospitals where they work as medical personnel. They willingly and voluntarily rendered sincere services to the sick urged by "Divine Love in Action." These great ambassadors and heroic evangelizers drew strength from the love of God and desire to save life. It was not an easy task but the paternal presence of the loving Father made everything possible. God is seen in every sick patient. The sacrifices, fear, risks and sleepless night were forgotten immediately a patient is recovered and discharged.</p> <p>FEAR NOT I AM WITH YOU TO PROTECT YOU by Sr. Christy Anyariri:</p> <p>Leaving the house during the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Frontline NHS Staff in the UK, knowing clearly well the danger facing me by looking after COVID-19 Dialysis patients could be compared to when Jesus was heading to Jerusalem to be crucified. But COVID-19 crisis has really strengthened my faith and relationship with God. It also awakened my emotional strength and resailance. Though, worried about inadequate PPE which sort of triggered anxiety and fear, but meditating on the promises of our Lord, 'I am with you to protect you' gave me strength and courage as never before. Then the compelling feeling that my patients need me, my colleagues need me, and humanity need me; I also said to myself that all PPE are physical protection but Almighty God is the full protection ad protector. We have moved from the Red zone to Amber zone which requires only surgical masks and facial visor as you can see on the pictures. It is by His grace that I am alive. God's favour is too much. I cannot tell it all. I am proud to be a nurse. It's a call and not a career. I love what I do!</p>

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