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<p>Today, 16th July, 2020, the foundation day of the Congregation and the feast of our Lady of Mount Carmel, twenty-two novices were admitted into this noble Congregation DDL. These novices who have successfully completed their Novitiate programme made their first religious profession and said yes to follow God in the three evangelical councils of poverty, chastity and obedience. They have taken the first step to live a life of commitment and costantly seek the face of God and listen deeply with a unity of heart, mind and Spirit. The twenty-two novices are called to make Christ alive in the world. They were prepared during their period of formation to witness to the love of Christ and walk in the foot steps of Christ. They have learnt to fix their eyes on Christ, who will be their companion in this journey. It is by the power of Jesus that the evangelical councils become easy and a total gift of self to God. God has fallen in love with them. They are ready to live a life of faithfulness and relationship with Christ. God's call has become so clear and they all responded "Lord, here I am for you have called me." It is a life of unconditional love of God and dedication to God with undivided heart. We thank God because He called courageous women to follow Him unconditionally. Our Mother General, Mother Mary Anastasia Dike received their vows during the Eucharistic celebration officiated by Most Rev. Dr. Callistus V.C. Onaga, Bishop of Enugu Diocese.&nbsp; It was a great joy for all the Daughters and the biological families of the newly professed. We commend them to God as they journey in this life. Congratulations the newly professed! Congratulations DDL on your 51st birthday!! Caritas Christi, Urget Nos!!!</p>

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