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<p>THEY BELONG TO CHRIST WHOLE AND ENTIRE: Today, 16th July 2021, the feast of our Lady of Mount Carmel, on the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of the foundation of the Congregation, Sixteen young ladies willingly and joyfully said Yes to follow Christ in the family of the Daughters of Divine Love. They all responded affirmatively "Lord here I am for you have called me". This call entails doing the will of God and living a life of commitment. They are cognizant of the meaning of the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience.&nbsp; As celibates, they are called to live a life of commitment in imitation of Christ who was obedient to the Father and sacrificed his life for us. Their life of commitment ought to be a participation in the mission of Christ. Consequently, they should love with freedom, openness and availability that can be recognized as a sign of the Kingdom. As true daughters of Divine Love, their primary aim should be focused on the contemplation of God as they seek God's will.&nbsp; During the homily, the officiating prelate Most Rev. Dr. Ernest Obodo, the Auxiliary Bishop of Enugu Diocese, enjoined them to live a life of total dedication and dependency on God. He reiterates that their motto should be "Totus Tous". They belong entirely to God and love of God is eternal. Today, they have given their will to God and the three vows they publicly made will sanctify them until they see God face to face on the eschaton. Solid prayer life makes the vows easy. Prayer should play a fundamental role in their lives and should be their breath and life to enable them have direct link to our Lord and receive inspirations and strength for the future apostolate. Holistically, prayer shapes the life of religious and builds us and make us more genuine and authentic in witnessing to the love of God in continuation of Christ's mission on earth. Caritas Christi Urget Nos. Happy Anniversary to all the Daughters!</p>

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