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<p>Today, 16th July 2022, seventeen healthy young women made their final religious commitment to the Lord in the family of Daughters of Divine Love. The Mother General, Mother Anastasia Dike and all the Daughters in joyful mood thanked God for the gift of vocation in this our noble family and Mother accepted their vows in the name of the Church. Also, the Congregation marked her fifty three years of her foundation. The newly finally professed Sisters knew what it entails to be a religious in the Congregation of the Daughters of Divine Love. They are called to live the life of victimhood. It is a self sacrificial love. They have vowed to follow God perseveringly all the days of their lives through the evengelical councils of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience. Having the clear ability and determination to bind one's self of these vows. During the homily, his lordship, Most Rev. Dr. C. V. C. Onaga enjoined them to love one another and help to solve human difficult condition. Their yes is permanent and irrrevocable commitment to God. We say a hearty Congratulations to the new Daughters added to the number of our family.</p>

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