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Joining Us...

If you feel called by God to join our Congregation, please kindly fill the form below.

Alternatively, you could print it out, fill it and post to any of the addresses stated below the form:
First Name:     Middle Name:     Surname:

Nationality:     State of origin:

Home Town:     Email:     Phone:

Date of Birth:   Place of Birth (City, State):

Your Profession or Work:

Favorite Foods:

Residential Address:

Postal Address:

Upload your picture:

What School are you currently in:
Name of Primary School attended:
Name of Secondary School attended:
State your WAEC/GCE/NECO result and specify which:

Name of Higher Institution(s) attended:

State your Higher Institution(s) result(s), Please specify what degree, the institute that awarded it and the year it was given:

Please, describe any professional or business experience or any trade or skill at which you are qualified:
Academic Achievements
SSCE:   Yes:  No:            A Level:   Yes:  No:            TTC Grade II:   Yes:  No:
NCE:   Yes:  No:            OND:   Yes:  No:            HND:   Yes:  No:
B.Sc:   Yes:  No:            B.ED:   Yes:  No:            M.Sc:   Yes:  No:

Others, Please specify:

Have you always been a Catholic:
If you were a convert, when were you received into the Catholic Church:
Which Parish were you received and by whom:

Are you baptized?    Yes:  No:

What year were you baptized:
Who baptized you:
What Church/Parish were you baptized:

Are you confirmed?    Yes:  No:

Who confirmed you:
What Church/Parish were you confirmed:

Are you a communicant?    Yes:  No:

Name of your Home Parish:

Name of your Current Parish:

Name of Current Parish Priest:
Phone of Current Parish Priest:

If you are employed, give the name of the organization, the address and the position you are holding:

Father's Name:     Mother's Name:

Father's Occupation:     Mother's Occupation:

Father's Religion:     Mother's Religion:

Parent's Address:

Are your parents living together?     Are they divorced?

If either parents is deceased, give date & cause of death:

If you are not living with your parents now, with whom are you living:

If you are under the care of a guardian, furnish the guardian's name, address, occupation and religion:

Do your parents/guardian know that you are interested in becoming a Rev. Sister:

Did they agree:

If you are not allowed to continue in the congregation, will they receive you back into the family:

Are you necessary to the support of your parents or family:
Your Position in the Family (whether 1st child, 2nd, etc):
How many Brothers:     How many Sisters:
Are they older or younger than you:

Why do you want to enter the Religious Life:
Why have you chosen DDL Congregation:
What means have you to pay the fees for your Novitiate Training:
If you should leave or be dismissed, will you be satisfied to take with you your belongings as they are at the time of your departure:
Are you willing to bind yourself never to claim any salary or renumeration for work done while in the congregation:
Have you ever been refused admission to any other community; If so, where, when and for what reason:

Have you ever been in any other congregation as a postulant, novice or professed religious; If so, indicate the congregation and explain your cause for leaving:

Do you enter the religious life of your own free will:
Have you contract of any kind; If so, please specify:

Were you ever involved in a court case; If so, please specify:

Have you ever married:
Have you given birth to a child before? Within or Outside Wedlock:


  1. I hereby declare that all the information given in this Form are, to the best of my knowledge and belief, correct.
  2. Any false or incomplete information given in this Form will automatically disqualify me from being considered for admission into the Congregation.
  3. I shall accept as final the decision of the Council whether or not my application is successful.
  4. I do hereby make application to enter the Congregation of the Daughters of Divine Love.
 I Agree to all the above terms.

Daughters of Divine Love Congregation
P.O. Box 546, Enugu
Post Code: 400001
Enugu State
Phone Nos: 07030804137, 08124848923


Vocation Directress
Daughters of Divine Love Congregation
P.O. Box 546, Enugu
Post Code: 400001
Enugu State
Phone Nos: 07030804137, 08124848923, 08037717508




Phone Nos: +441384380155


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